Broadband for your Event, Festival, Gathering, Conference

Events are often defined by tight time-frames and reliance on reliable communications from start to finish. Nothing can go wrong in an environment where anything might. Meet The Signal Co. Wireless

We understand these requirements and have become the provider of choice for cultural, government and corporate events in and around Canberra.

Event Centric

Priority Network Access, Captive Portals and Design Customisation from Day 1.


We have invested in quality infrastructure and follow our dedicated maintenance plan to ensure it continues to operate at it’s peak for your whole event.

Rapid Installation

Our technicians are experienced and specialists in their field, Get us involved and see how we can help your event.

No Limits

All event broadband services are high speed and unlimited.

Local Staffing and Support

We will have local people on the ground at your event. Let your delegates enjoy the event. Let us handle the technology.

Advanced Reporting

We can provide you with advanced reporting at the conclusion of your event.

Contact Us for your Event, Festival, Gathering, Conference

We provide a obligation free consultation, Let us help you and your event succeed.