Enterprise Grade Connectivity for Your Business

nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is a high-speed, reliable internet connection designed specifically for businesses and enterprises. It offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, ensuring fast and efficient data transfer. With its high bandwidth and congestion-free connectivity, nbn® Enterprise Ethernet provides a robust solution for businesses that require reliable and high-performance internet access.


Internet Express is perfect for any business after super-fast, reliable Internet access.

Symmetrical Speeds of Up to 2,000 Mbps

By opting for a fibre optic service that offers symmetrical speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps, you can ensure your bandwidth requirements are future-proofed. This will enable you to handle increasing data demands and support high-speed internet activities such as streaming, gaming, and large-scale data transfers without experiencing any bottlenecks or slowdowns.

The Most Accessible Business Grade Connection

The availability of business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet presents a significant opportunity for over 1.5 million Australian businesses to upgrade their internet connection. With its enhanced speed, reliability, and dedicated bandwidth, businesses can benefit from improved productivity, seamless communication, and efficient data transfers. This upgrade option holds the promise of empowering businesses across Australia to thrive in the digital era.

4/5 Businesses Can Upgrade for Free

With the opportunity to upgrade to an enterprise-grade broadband connection at no cost, businesses can significantly enhance their online presence and productivity. This upgrade ensures faster and more reliable internet access, allowing for efficient data transfer, seamless communication, and increased performance. It opens up new possibilities and opportunities for growth, facilitating a competitive edge in the digital world.

Our premium grade connectivity solution for business

Having a high-speed and reliable network is essential for businesses as it allows them to handle technology demands, grow efficiently, and mitigate expensive downtime.

The Signal Co., powered by nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, offers businesses, schools, and government agencies the opportunity to unlock their potential by providing them with business-grade nbn™ fibre that supports multiple sites and high-bandwidth applications like Video Conferencing and Cloud software.

With symmetrical speeds, The Signal Co. can streamline business practices and ensure seamless connectivity for organizations across Australia.

Eligible businesses can now access a $0 fibre install*

The Signal Co offers businesses in Australia the opportunity to connect their sites anywhere nbn™ is available, with the support of 100% Australian-based sales and service teams.

They also provide the option for eligible businesses to upgrade to nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet on a 36-month contract with a $0 installation fee, subject to a site qualification check.

Interested businesses can contact the sales team for more information on how they can leverage the benefits of Enterprise Ethernet for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a high-speed dedicated fiber internet service that is available throughout Australia, as long as your site falls within the fixed line area of the nbn™ access network. If you are already using nbn™ connection technology that is not Fixed Wireless or Satellite, there is a high probability that you can upgrade to nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. Our sales and service delivery teams utilize a specialized data lake to efficiently assess availability for each address, enabling us to establish a fast connection for you in collaboration with nbn.

The monthly cost of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is based on various factors such as the location zone, chosen service speed, and contract term. For an accurate quote tailored to your specific address, it is advised to reach out to our sales team. They can provide you with a cost-effective solution that demonstrates the affordability of superfast fibre connectivity.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet offers high-speed and symmetrical connectivity through dedicated fibre, complementing existing nbn™ infrastructure. At select locations, customers can benefit from $0 fibre installation determined by nbn. We leverage a customized data lake to quickly identify eligible sites for this offer, and our strong partnership with nbn ensures optimal outcomes for our customers.

The installation of dedicated fibre and a business grade Network Termination Device at your site by nbn technicians usually takes about 30-90 days, with the specific timeframe depending on the location and complexity of the build. We will keep you informed with updates as we receive them from the nbn build team.

The flexibility and scalability of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet make it a highly advantageous option for businesses. With dedicated fibre delivering speeds ranging from 1 Mbps/1 Mbps to 2 Gbps/2 Gbps, businesses can easily meet their operational demands without any infrastructure or equipment upgrades. As the business grows, the service speed can be quickly scaled up to accommodate increased requirements, providing a convenient solution for expanding businesses.

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Contact Us to discuss your requirements, All of our NBN Plans are affordable, A simple migration path exists for existing Fixed Wireless customers wanting to move to the NBN, with no additional fee^ even if in-contract.