Long outages from national carriers. Accepting buffering as normal. Sub-par speeds and download quotas split across peak/offpeak. And the never ending NBN debate … it’s good/bad, delayed/ahead of schedule, over budget/under budget, soon to be obsolete or the backbone of our national infrastructure?

You might have thought how is this possible in Australia? Is there anything better?

Yes, it's called Fixed Wireless Broadband By The Signal Co.

After also becoming frustrated with sub-par broadband, we decided to offer Canberra and the surrounding region something a little different.

  • Next Generation

    Fast broadband that uses best of breed technology, a stable and reliable hybrid of fibre and wireless.

  • Better value

    If you dust your home phone more often than you use it, why should you pay for it to be connected?

  • Local Business

    We know it's good and you'll like it, If your having any issues, We are here, We live and breath Canberra with you.

  • Reliable

    Less latency, no problems with multiple users and virtually non-existent buffering, including during peak times.


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We offer a range of plans to suit almost every need and budget for residential and business users across the region.

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