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Please check the Status Page to see if there is an outage or related issue on one of our transmitters. If the problem has been logged, please be assured that we are already working towards resolving it.

Frequently Asked Questions


I can only get two bars on my mobile, how can you be sure that your wireless broadband will work well?

If you property is in our coverage area, then we are sure that we will be able to provide fast, reliable and affordable broadband. The technology used by mobile phone networks including towers, satellite might seem the same, but is very different even though both are wireless.

I've already got an antenna for the TV, can we use the same one or can I install your wireless receiver myself?

No. We work with installers who are experienced and specialists with wireless technology. They are able to select the best location, install a new industry grade antenna that will be able to comfortably manage the receiver and also connect it to the fibre/cable that will lead into your home.

Does Wireless Broadband still work well in the rain and other weather conditions?

Yes, the performance of your wireless broadband should not change due to rain or other weather conditions in Canberra and the surrounding regions. This is due to the type of technology being used, spectrum range, settings and correct installation. Wireless Broadband is used in many different countries with large snowfalls and blistering heat with little to no change in performance.

Is wireless broadband secure?

Yes, we use encryption and other ‘commercial in confidence’ systems/processes to provide all customers with safe and secure services.

Is there a chance the antenna will be hit by lightning?

The chance of the antenna being hit is the same your TV antenna being struck, or one of your neighbors antenna’s being struck.

Is there any different between wireless broadband and wireless fixed broadband?

There are a few differences, “Wireless Broadband” is often used in-place of “Mobile Broadband”, Mobile broadband uses mobile phone networks to provide data to your device where as “Fixed Wireless Broadband” and specifically the mention of fixed refers to your wireless broadband being fixed in one place e.g. your home and a fixed service speed.

Plans, Billing and Terms

What is the standard plan terms?

Residential plans area available with or without a contract term (depending on installation fee paid) contract terms are available on a 12 month, 24 month or 36 month term; All Business plans are 24 months. Organisations enjoying our service as part of our ‘Paying It Forward’ program are also committed to a minimum 12 month term, cancellation fee’s applied if the service is cancelled within the contract term.

From time to time (depending on circumstances and at our discretion) we may adjust the length of contracts. Examples can include providing wireless broadband for an event or multiday festival, business’ operating in a temporary premises etc

Do you charge a fee or surcharge for credit card payment?

We don’t believe in charging a fee for our own convenience. That is, It is convenient for us for you to pay by credit card, it may also be convenient for you. But we don’t think that you should pay for that. That’s why we don’t charge any credit card fees or surcharges.

Do you warn clients when they are approaching their data limit?

Yes, we will send emails to your nominated email account when you reach 75% and 90% of your data limit. If you exceed your data allowance, we will then start to shape your service (downstream and upstream) to your plans nominated speed until the new month commences and your limit resets or you purchase a data pack.

Is billing on the first of the month?

No, billing is based on your anniversary date. This means that you will be billed every month on the date your plan commenced. If you would like it on another date, please contact us and we will make a pro-rata adjustment to your bill and reset it to the requested date.

Is there a cancellation fee if i leave part way through my contract?

There is no fee if you leave in the first three months of your contract. If you decide to leave at a point after 3 months and before the contract term, there will be a fee charged. For residential customers this fee is $450 and reduces on a pro-rata basis over the contract term. For more information, please refer to the Critical Information Summary, which can be found on the Policies and Terms Page.

Am I able to upgrade/downgrade plans once I've signed up?

It is possible to upgrade your plan, but not to downgrade during your contract term. If you are considering two plans, we suggest starting with the smaller one and then upgrading if necessary.

What happens if I move house and want to continue with The Signal Co?

If you move house and your new home is in a part of Canberra or the surrounding region that we can service, there will be a relocation fee. This fee is typically $299.95 and covers the removal of your current transmitter and re-installation of it at your new home. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide customised plans or Private WAN services?

We can provide customised services and comprehensive managed network solutions to businesses or corporate customers. Please contact our sales team for more information.

In which increment do you calculate the service quota?

We declare that 1 GB is 1024 MiB (1 GiB) instead of 1000 MB. We don’t want to short change you due to a technicality, so we make sure that you can use the full 1024 MiB in a GiB.

How do I check my usage?

You can check your usage at any time via the Customer Portal and/or Usage API


What is covered or included in the installation fee?

The fee covers the receiver, antenna/mast that the receiver is attached to, up to 20 metres of cabling to connect the receiver to a room/connection point of your choice and the time taken to do the install.

How long will installation take?

For residential, the typical installation will take an hour or less, complex installations will take longer than this.

For business premises, the typical installation will take two to three hours. This will vary depending on the variables including access/height of the building etc.

I know I don't need one, but can you also connect a home phone line?

Unfortunately not, we specialise in Wireless Broadband and don’t provide landline/home phone services for residential or business clients.

You can engage a VoIP (Voice over Internet) company to provide services like this for you.

Do I need to be at home for the installation?

Yes, in case the installer has any questions and to allow access to complete the final parts of the installation process.

What isn't covered by the installation fee?

For the typical residential installation, a router and if necessary any distance longer than 20 metres isn’t included.

Due to the variations involved and at times multiple tenancies in a commercial building who can share initial costs, business installations are on a case by case basis.

How long do I have to wait for installation?

We generally have installers working two to three days a week, with the time from signing up for a plan to being installed taking about a week to a week and a half. This can be delayed due to your availability and also in the event of bad weather (where it is unsafe for installers to work) and a backlog of installations occurs.

Can you provide Free-WiFi at a venue?

We can provide a venue with Free-WiFi where that location sits within our coverage footprint, We can also provide services on a bespoke and ‘hire’ basis to enable your event to have the best available connectivity. Please contact us to find out more.

Service Setup

How do I connect?

We use PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) to isolate customer connections and enable data accounting. Once you signup you will receive your PPPoE login credentials and Static IP details (if chosen) via email within 24 hours.

I have a static IP, but I'd like to use a dynamic IP - is this possible?

You can use a dynamic IP address by changing your username slightly.
Simply add ‘dynamic.’ directly after the @ symbol, an example would be [email protected] changes to [email protected]

Do you block any ports? Can I run a server on my connection if I want to?

You absolutely can run a server, We do block a number of ports by default, this is for your own protection and to assist in the disabling of botnets and worms from using your service to perform malicious acts. This can be managed at any time via the customer portal.

What is the Maximum MTU supported?

For Residential services an MTU size of 1600 bytes is supported across our network.
For Business (Bronze) services an MTU size of 2000 bytes is supported across our network.
For Business (Silver or Gold) services an MTU size of 9000 bytes is supported across our network.

Do you offer IPv6?

Yes, Native IPv6 is offered across all services using SLAAC & DHCPv6-PD
We are working on a setup guide repository to assist you with configuring routers. Many routers already support these methods by default however the wording of terms may be different.

Can I share the connection with multiple computers?

Yes, you can share your connection amongst multiple computers at your home or office. Most routers manage your connection to the Internet, and act as an automatic connection sharing device – simply connect your PCs, laptops, or other devices to the wireless network or the Ethernet ports on the back of the router.